Sense for Safety

As a specialist IT company and expert in video distribution and information security, we develop concepts and create systems that help supervisors and law enforcers to perform their duties safe and effectively and without hindrance. We are not an integrator of existing systems but a creator of original systems. We proudly perform our work for our fantastic clients that include the police and defence forces and authoritative enterprises like NAM, BouWatch and Engie, to name but a few. As a technology partner to these organisations, we offer innovation and consultancy.

Complete Clarity

Public and private environments are monitored using technological tools such as video cameras, sensors and GPS trackers. We develop, produce, implement and manage innovative products and systems that allow us to generate, transport, store, merge and analyse this data safely. Responsible parties acquire a complete reliable image of a situation. Decisions can be made, actions can be initiated and coordinated based on this.


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